Upper Molar Extraction Forceps, Upper Universal Forceps

Upper Molar Extraction Forceps, Universal Forceps for Upper Teeth, fragment and small roots upper forceps, upper universal forceps, American Pattern Extracting Forceps, American Pattern Extracting Forceps Dental Tooth Extracting Forceps, American Pattern Forceps, American Tooth Extracting Forceps #32, American Tooth Extracting Forceps #53L, American Tooth Extracting Forceps #62, American Tooth Extracting Forceps #69, Lower Molar Forceps, Upper Molars Forceps, Cow-horn Beak forceps

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Zamaha Dental Supplies, Manufacturing complete range of Oral Surgery Instruments, Restorative Instruments, Endodontic & Perdiodontic Instruments, Orthodontic Instruments as well as dental implants. 

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Full Gold, Half Gold, Mirror Shine, Product Code, Sand, Satin Dull

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Tooth Extraction Forceps -Dental Instruments
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