Aspirating Cartridge Syringe, Oral Dental Syringe, Cito Jet Syringe, Intraligamentary Syringe

Dental cartridge Syringe, Cartridge Syringe, Aspirating Cartridge Syringe, Oral Dental Syringe, Cartridge Syringes, Aspirating Anesthetic Syringes, Aspirating Syringes, Aqua-fix Irrigating Syringe, Bone grafting Syringe, Cito Jet Syringe, Citoject Syringe, Intraligamentary Syringe
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Zamaha Surgical manufacturing Complete range of Dental Instruments, Surgical Instruments, ENT Instruments, Veterinary Instruments, Atrauma Instruments as well as Orthodontic Pliers.

We are working in Manufacturing field from last 16 years.

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Full Gold, Half Gold, Mirror Shine, Product Code, Sand, Satin Dull


10 cm, 11 cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 23 cm, 24cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 9 cm

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Tooth Extraction Forceps -Dental Instruments
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